Welcome to my shed. Thank you for dropping by. This is where I go to read and learn and think, and maybe sometimes to have a little doze. It is also where I go to ‘shed a little knowledge’. After 60+ years on this planet including 40- years as a mathematics teacher and teacher educator I find I have a lot of stuff in my head so I am trying to shed some of this stuff in the form of a series of blogs. My shed is a kind of blog cabin. I have no idea as to how frequently I will post blogs (my blogarithm). I set up the domain in 2015 but this is a fresh start in 2020, courtesy of a certain coronavirus.

Why the name? I could have called this ‘the shed of stuff’ but aren’t most sheds full of stuff?  This physical shed is in two parts. It is one third traditional garden shed (drafty, full of tools and things that will be useful one day, shared with mice) and two thirds den/office/escape pod (insulated, heated, Wi-Fi, fridge, kettle, carpet, books and sundry personal treasures). One end is for being creative with wood. The other end is for being creative with words. Besides, ‘the shed of knowledge’ sounds intriguing.

Why bother? After a busy life I now have no shortage of thinking time but also no staff common room in which to pontificate. So, I am sharing my thoughts from the shed. I hope they might interest, amuse, provoke or otherwise cause you to think.  I hope they might also help me to make room in my head for new things.

Please comment kindly on my postings. You may also e-mail me nigel@theshedofknowledge.uk.

Nigel Appleton

(ps all views are my own unless referenced)

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